Electra Bikes – Rat Fink

April 26, 2008 at 3:39 pm | Posted in Consumer Products, Outdoor Equipment | 1 Comment
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The Rat Fink by ElectraWith Summer being right around the corner, everyone needs a sick bike to ride to Happy Hour. Electra makes 5 lines of bikes – Cruisers, Townies, Tandems, Amsterdam, and Kids. The Rat Fink is Electra’s biggest bike in their cruiser line, and that is what is up for review this time around. First of, this thing is a cruiser, and that’s what it does… Cruises in style. The metallic green flake paint job tuns heads wherever you go. The bike is a tribute to the late godfather of custom hot rods, Ed Roth. It oozes the chopper style with ape hanger handlebars, a low slung seat, a double crown chrome fork, dice valve caps, a wheelbase nearly double that of a normal bike, and back flame accents. The build quality is great, as it should be considering the $600 price tag.

The Good: This thing has some fuckin’ style that will get you a hummer at the end of the night. The ride is comfy due to a sprung seat and big ass fat boy tires. It’s unique – you don’t see every other slob at the beach with one, so you can feel that much cooler. It’s got a three speed internal hub shifting mechanism so when you’re bringing that fat chick home from the bar on your pegs and you’ve got a hill to climb, you can down-shift and make it home before she pukes on the back of your neck. You won’t be a dildo riding around town on your mountain bike when everyone else is cruising in style.

The Bad: This sucker is heavy. I have carried it up a flight of stairs, and it’s a chore. Much better suited for flat ground than hills, but hey, it’s a cruiser. The price – not cheap, but you pay for quality and your pimp image. It doesn’t fit on most standard car bike racks due to it’s size and wheelbase – don’t plan on taking it anywhere unless you have a van. It makes you want to store it inside at all times due to the quality finish and appearance – this can be a hassle sometimes.

All in all, if you’re looking for a bike to get you laid, this just may be the one if you have the cash.


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