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May 5, 2008 at 9:28 am | Posted in People | 1 Comment
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The guy above…yeah that guy…he is a dick. Not just a small adolescent dick, but a raging, throbbing-purple-veins-exposed dick. If you watch him regularly then you are probably a dick too. Either that or you have no soul. Dick (I am just going to start calling him that for the rest of this commentary) has no soul either. Dick’s contribution to society: Scaring the crap out of simple Americans and contributing directly to the downfall of U.S media. Did I mentioned he was a dick? How did dick become a dick? Let’s see…shit-for-brains was born in New York City, went to a private Catholic high school where he was probably molested with a yard stick and then Marist College where he was a punter on the National Club Football Association. A punter! After dick graduated he played semi-pro baseball but failed a tryout for the New York Mets. He then attended Boston University and graduated with a master’s in broadcast journalism. So how did he become a dick? Well during this entire time he probably never got laid and had to drug women and men to sleep with him. He also probably developed a sense of disillusionment that he was better than everyone else and that people care about what he thought. Turns out a lot of Americans do care what he thinks. Turns out that 2.58 million people tune in nightly. Fucking morons. Yes, you heard me. If you watch him you are a fucking moron!

Turns out dick gets paid $9 million a year to do this:

Watch him slam the son of a 9/11 victim:

Now watch Phil Donahue kick Dick’s ass on his own show:


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  1. Man, what an asshole… But, what do you expect from FOX. They certainly don’t have anything that represents good journalism in their programming, so they resort to hiring closed minded closet-dickmouths like O’Reily. Anyone who watches their shows for anything other than satirical value is about as unintelligent as the morons that they have hosting the shows. Have you seen the time when John Stewart was on Crossfire? Hilarious… I’ll post it up. Talk about another first-class douchebag – Tucker Carlson is right up there with the best of them.

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